7 Reasons to Avoid a Foreclosure

7 Reasons to Avoid a Foreclosure

Families who typically end up foreclosing on their home often didn’t understand the foreclosure process or simply just gave up because they no longer cared or could handle the stress. The foreclosure process is typically an emotional rollercoaster and it’s not uncommon for us to hear they simply wanted to “wash their hands of the headache”. In situations like this, we urge homeowners to become aware of their options and really understand what a foreclosure means.

We’re prepared a quick list of foreclosure consequences that will help you understand exactly what a foreclosure means.

1)      If your property forecloses, you will be required to disclose this on all future mortgage applications, and on many job applications. This can have an adverse effect on your future mortgage rates.

2)      According to Fair Isaac Corporation, credit scores will be lowered by 300 or more points. A foreclosure is considered the most devastating credit issue in relation to future credit availability and if coupled with bankruptcy can be very hard to recover from.

3)      A foreclosure is very difficult if not impossible to have “repaired” on your credit report.

4)      It could open up the possibility for your mortgage lender to seek a deficiency judgment and attempt to collect the difference not accounted for from the sale of the home.

5)      A foreclosure can put a new job in jeopardy, as many employers are now running credit checks on potential hires.

6)      A current job could be in jeopardy. There are many employers who run credit checks annually to make sure employees are not underwater in their finances.

7)      Government jobs can be jeopardized with a foreclosure showing on a credit report, especially those with security clearances.

With these points in mind, if you find yourself underwater and unable to make a mortgage payment, it’s important to seek out options. One option that will allow you to still exit the home is called a short sale.  A short sale is often the better route and provides a more favorable outcome for both you and your mortgage company. The ability to find experienced short sale team with a proven successful track record will help you protect yourself from a diminished credit score and the possibility of losing employment opportunities.

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