Can a short sale really help you?

stop foreclosure, short saleCan a short sale really help you?

At first, thinking about selling your home for less than what is owed can be really stressful. However, short sales really are a good alternative to foreclosure and having the home sold on the court house steps. Foreclosure alone can destroy your credit and possibly even embarrasses the family. Going through a short sale can allow you to sell the property in a more discrete manner and while also saving your credit.

Remember banks make the decision to foreclose. YOU make the decision to short sale.

Handled correctly you can walk away with your debt paid in full, without doing the bank any special favors (they will take a loss, but a loss they agree to). You can get a signed agreement from the bank that guarantees they will not come after you for more payments (permanently removing your liability). No one wants to sell their home. Especially for less than they paid for it (not even the bank wants that).

However as a last resort, a short sale is the better option for everyone (especially you). Ever since foreclosure rates hit record levels, many homeowners are turning to short sales as a way to avoid losing their homes and crippling their credit for up to 10 years. In fact CoreLogic, a company that tracks real estate trends reports that short sales have tripled in the last 2 years and now account for nearly 20% of all transactions.

You are not alone in this crisis. You can get help. The earlier you get started, the easier the whole process. You get less damage on your credit and the better your terms will be.

Don’t let the bank make the decision to foreclose for you. Even then, you could still be liable for the full balance on your loan (whatever is left on your whole mortgage).

A short sale handled correctly means…

1. Your debt is considered paid in full, no matter how much you actually owe.
2. The bank can’t hassle you for more money than agreed in the short sale (meaning once it’s done, it’s really done).
3. You take charge of selling your home (instead of letting the bank do it for you).
4. Your credit will take a far smaller hit than with foreclosure (meaning you can buy a new home in as little as a year, instead of 7 to 10 years).

Sound good? Call us today, we can help!

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