How does a short sale help you?

Can a short sale help me?How does a short sale help you?

Short sales help you avoid foreclosure, avoid legal issues (and hefty legal fees), as well as avoid a ruined credit report for the next 7 to 10 years. You can walk away with your debt paid in full with the possibility of buying a new home in as little as one year.

Banks are willing to negotiate your mortgage because they get to avoid the expense and hassle of foreclosing, taking you to court, and auctioning your home. Their business is lending money, not managing properties.

Banks do not like “depreciating physical assets” (what they consider your home) or bad loans on their books. If they see an opportunity to sell the property without a huge loss (compared to all the foreclosure, legal and auction fees).

They WILL take it.

Houses at auction sell at a huge loss for banks, which is why they are always willing to look alternatives to foreclosure. This ONLY happens if you are willing to pursue them.

Neither side wins or loses. It’s just a better deal for both of you.

8 advantages you can get with a short sale:

1. Foreclosures are decided by the bank. YOU decide to short sale (so you’re in charge).
2. You can avoid foreclosure and being taken to court (the worst case scenario).
3. You can get your mortgage debt paid in full (no more mortgage).
4. You can permanently remove your liability (no more hassling calls or letters from the bank).
5. You can save your credit rating (so you can get a loan or buy a new house sooner).
6. Short sales save you money (compared to foreclosure and the consequences after).
7. You could get paid to short sale (some banks offer incentives to help you move)
8. You can avoid bankruptcy (They are costly and devastating to your credit)

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