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Free Special Report: Don’t Fall Victim to the 5 Most Dangerous Mortgate Relief Scams

Educate yourself on foreclosure scams! Don’t become a victim! If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, we’re sure you are already facing a lot of problems. The last thing you need when faced with this situation is to fall victim to a scam. […]

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How do you begin negotiating a short sale?

How do you begin negotiating a short sale? If you have missed your mortgage payments or are at risk of doing so, you need to start talking to your bank and a real estate professional immediately. The bank will have a Loss Mitigation Department (or something similar) […]

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What happens when you miss your mortgage payments?

What happens when you miss your mortgage payments? There are a few things that happen when you miss your mortgage payments. The first and most urgent is that your lender will decide to start the foreclosure process when you fail to make your mortgage payments on time […]

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Can a short sale really help you?

Can a short sale really help you? At first, thinking about selling your home for less than what is owed can be really stressful. However, short sales really are a good alternative to foreclosure and having the home sold on the court house steps. Foreclosure alone can […]

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When should you start negotiating a short sale?

When should you start negotiating a short sale? As soon as you know you need it! Foreclosure is a ticking clock, once you are at risk due to missed payments. The time to act is now. The longer you wait, the harder it is to negotiate and […]

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How does a short sale help you?

How does a short sale help you? Short sales help you avoid foreclosure, avoid legal issues (and hefty legal fees), as well as avoid a ruined credit report for the next 7 to 10 years. You can walk away with your debt paid in full with the […]

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Free Special Report: How Savvy Homeowners are Using Short Sales to Avoid Financial Ruin

Read this and you will learn how to sell your home, avoid foreclosure and erase your debt forever using a home selling strategy called a real estate short sale.

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Why hire a Short Sale Negotiator?

You may be asking yourself, just why should I hire a Short Sale Negotiator? Let’s start by stating that a dedicated short sale negotiator can be invaluable to the success of a short sale!  An experienced and successful short sale negotiator has established many relationships with many […]

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7 Best Banks for Short Sale Bargains

Pre-foreclosure sales (typically short sales) increased to a three-year high in the first quarter of 2012 even as the average pre-foreclosure sales price reached a record low — making 2012 a prime time to purchase a short sale. But the process of buying a short sale and […]

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Short Sales to become easier for Military Families

One big topic among Real Estate pros, Servicers and asset managers alike, was improving support for distressed military families. DS news recaps one of the major changes to short sale guidelines that will make is easier for military families to short sale their underwater homes. Federal Housing Finance Agency […]

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