What documents are needed for a short sale?

Anyone who is familiar with the short sale process knows that extensive financial documentation is required to get the process started. However, you may not be familiar with the specific financial information your lender will ask for during your short sale. Well, your prayers have been answered because that is exactly what I am going to help you out with today.

There are a plethora of lenders out there, and each one requires something different. However, almost every lending institution will require the following from the homeowner:


  • Hardship Letter
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Bank statements for the past 60 days (For all accounts)
  • Pay stubs for the past 30 days
  • Last 2 years tax returns with W-2’s
  • Financial analysis form
  • Profit and loss statement if the homeowner is self employed
  • Lender specific short sale package

As previously mentioned, each lender usually has their own required package that must be completed before the short sale can be submitted for review. It is important to check with your lender to make sure you have the most up to date forms. This way, everything is current and there is a strong chance your file will move forward much quicker.

All of this documentation is a lot for any person to become overwhelmed. That is why we here at Short Sale Experts INC are here to assist you. We will work directly with you to help you get all of the documentation required for the bank. We make sure to have the most current lender packages at all times to assist you in your short sale needs. Once we have a complete package, your job as a homeowner is to simply sit back and wait for the approval letter. With Short Sale Experts INC, it really is that easy!


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