Why hire a Short Sale Negotiator?

Quality control approvedYou may be asking yourself, just why should I hire a Short Sale Negotiator?

Let’s start by stating that a dedicated short sale negotiator can be invaluable to the success of a short sale!  An experienced and successful short sale negotiator has established many relationships with many banks.  They know the ins and outs of how to best handle each individual short sale. Each short sale is unique with respect to the seller’s situation and their individual bank’s requirements. The process becomes even more complex when there are two or more loans and additional liens with multiple banks.

While the seller’s agent may be able to negotiate directly with the bank, a dedicated short sale negotiator who specializes in short sales will often produce the best results for the seller and the buyer. They can typically obtain approvals from all lenders in a more favorable time frame and know the best terms that can be negotiated.  Considering that a real estate agent may process a few to several short sales per year, a dedicated short sale negotiator may handle hundreds or thousands per year.  This means the negotiator is in regular contact with most banks, establishing cooperative lines of communication, while keeping up to date on all industry and specific lender changes. They also are aware and experienced with special programs that are available to offer even greater incentives to the home sellers.

In addition to all of this, the following are also benefits to hiring a short sale negotiator:

  1. Free up time! They assist with the collection of all of the short sale paperwork and package
  2. More time to market for more listings instead of spending time on the phone with the lenders
  3. Focus on core competencies and delegate the rest of the workload!
  4. You are the hero because you were able to put together a stellar short sale team.
  5. Receive full short sale approval quicker due to the knowledge and experience of the negotiations team.

Now, remember…not all short sale negotiators are created equal. At Short Sale Experts INC, we offer that and much more! We have proven track record of success and have many raving clients! With our brand new member website, you can obtain all the information pertaining to short sales that you could want, for FREE! We are able to take your file off your hands, and hand you back an approval letter in record time. We value our clients so much and want nothing more than to help them market and build relationships within the real estate community here in San Diego.


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